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Travel with Kids- European Itinerary

Making the decision to travel to Europe (from Australia) with kids for a 6 week duration, was a little daunting. I recall sitting at the computer after selecting the return flights, and hovering over the keyboard with trepidation. If the cost of the trip wasn’t enough to make me falter, the thought of long haul flights and navigating our way through foreign places with our kiddies, certainly was. After clicking enter, I immediately had a pang of buyer’s remorse, questioning if this was such a good idea. Now that the flights were booked, the pressure was on to select the best destinations, accommodation, activities and durations to suit both adults and kids, without blowing the budget!

Upon reflection, I needn’t have worried. It was a brilliant experience and the itinerary worked perfectly for our family.



On numerous occasions since, I have been asked to share our itinerary, which I am happy to do. So keeping in mind that we travelled during the summer, below is an outline of our itinerary. It may not suit everyone, but I hope it inspires you in some way, to plan your own adventure.

London (4 nights)

Eurostar from London to Paris

Paris- France (4 nights)

Fly from Paris to Venice

Venice-Italy (3 nights)

Hire a car

Maranello-Italy (1 night)

Tuscany- Italy (3 nights)


Visit Florence and some of the many beautiful towns in the region

Drive to La Spezia- drop off hire car

La Spezia-Italy (overnight)

Mediterranean Cruise (MSC Cruises)

Cruise to


Palma De Mallorca-Spain


Naples-Italy (day trip to Pompeii via train)

Civitavecchia-Italy (travel to Rome via train)


Return to the port of La Spezia

Catch the train to Nice

Nice-France (overnight)

Hire car

Provence-France-(9 nights)

(With a hire car, you can base yourself in one of the beautiful villages and drive to nearby towns and attractions.

Grenoble-France (1 night)

Lyon-France (1 night)

Return hire car

Fly back to London

London-(3 nights)

Return home

Having now returned from our 6 week adventure, I can honestly say, it was absolutely incredible, every single moment (even the slightly unnerving travel stories, which I’ll save for another time). I underestimated how much my kids would benefit and learn from the travel experience.  Absorbing information regarding history, culture, language, currency, scenery and food that simply can’t be conveyed in a book or on a screen, was worth every cent. The memories are irreplaceable and I’ll always treasure the opportunity we had as a family, to spend so much quality time together.


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